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Shadows in the Night

When young Jack Dempsey comes across a strange slab of marble buried in his backyard, he realizes he got more than he bargained for. Hoping to find riches untold; despite his lingering doubts, the boy breaks the seal and finds himself in the resting place of an ancient creature. A monster with blood-dripping fangs and a taste for human flesh. In this heart-stopping tale of good versus evil, the unlikely hero is thrust into the jaws of adventure, where his courage will be tested at every turn.

Will the unlikely hero be able to right his wrongs or will the beast win out and devour what is nearest and dearest to him?

Shadows in the Night is a must-read for anyone ready to sink their fangs into a modern vampire story that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Have your crucifixes handy and prepare for a long treacherous night!


The Hanging Tree

Imagination is the only friend for the lonely, and Jimmy Hanson is no stranger to it's companionship. The gawky 12-year-old has only one desire, to have someone to share life. In this frightening new tale written by best selling author John Westrick, Jimmy will have to make an impossible decision. Will he be able to resist the urges of his own twisted fantasies made flesh?

The Hanging Tree, is a must read for anyone hungry for a new suspense thriller. John Westrick is a master of horror and suspense, and this title is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Open your mind and let your imagination roam freely!

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